Benjamin Page is an innovative designer and unique artist. He was trained in the disciplines of Architectural Design and the Arts. His design work can be found in various locations in greater Los Angeles and internationally. Mr. Page is also a published artist of architectural-inspired sculptures and other media, having had his work exhibited in Los Angeles area galleries and shows. He is a partner and principal of Studio Functions, a design studio in Pasadena, California.

His architectural designs are evolved through the philosophy of conceptual development, in which spaces are designed around inherited, created, or found elements such as scale, form, light, materiality and color. Through the refinement of ideas, his work demonstrates strong influences from the simplicity of modernism, and convergence of the disciplines of art, architecture and interior design.

Mr. Page is inspired by the connection between architecture and sculpture art, and by overlaying these two zones, examines our living environment and humanity in the form of contemporary art. His architectural-themed works contemplate the dialog between observations of imagination and the projection of actuality.