"Squeeze me! Pop me! Relieve me! The intriguing satisfaction of popping pimples and making music."
The Sound of Bubbles: version II

When we encounter bubble wrap, we are faced with the irresistable urge to squeeze it until it pops. It calls to us, tempts us to squeeze and poke, offering a satisfying, percussive, musical reward. In this interactive exhibit, visitors are presented with large colored shapes mounted on contiguous walls and spilling on to the floor, representing large clusters of acne. These are covered by layers of bubble wrap. Visitors are encouraged to pop the “zits” with their hands and feet. As they walk, popping sounds are produced, along with an undeniable sense of satisfaction.

The artist encourages viewers to examine the materiality of the bubble wrap, and to engage with it creating a cacophonous eruption. Instead of passive observers, visitors become participants of a changing environment and creators of contemporary "mischief music."


The Sound of Bubbles: version II

Arroyo Arts Collective, Los Angeles and The Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena