This architectural inspired sculpture is constructed of
 a series of white translucent acrylic strips stacked up and connected by
 a common rod on one end. On the other end, they are randomly connected
 by one of two rods.

From the front and back elevations, they appear to be a block of frosted white acrylic of an undulating source, but on the plan view and side elevations, they are staggered and in a fanned-out position. Because of the translucence of the acrylic and varying distances from the light source, each "strip" will appear to be slightly different in the transmission of light. It is best viewed when backlit or spotlighted.

This is a representation of the organic jellyfish, and the study of material translucency in the form of geometry. This architectural sculpture is forever evolving, and all components can be taken apart and reassembled in a different configuration by its collector.


Approximately 12" by 5" by 7" high.



Northeast LA Art Charity Auction, Los Angeles